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A fortifying mineral for bones and teeth - It supports muscle contraction, nerve stimulation, and blood pressure regulation.

B 12

Helps create red blood cells, DNA, RNA, energy and tissues - It maintains nervous system health.

B Complex

B Complex contains 8 vitamins. These utilize fats and protein, and convert carbohydrates into glucose, producing energy.

B 5

Activates fibroblast (cellular) proliferation and enhances wound and skin healing processes - It helps skin retain moisture.

B 6

Causes brain, nerve, skin and red blood cells to develop and grow - It utilizes sugars, fats and proteins in the body.


Essential mineral/antioxidant, reduces oxidative stress, inflammation, boosts cognition/immunity, hormone stabilizer.


Essential nutrient for gene expression, immunity, DNA synthesis, wound healing, enzymes, and growth/development.


Amino acid/antioxidant produced in the liver - Its chemical and protein productions build tissue and boost immunity.


Essential amino acid/antioxidant. Maintains electrolyte balance, mineral regulation, nervous and immune system function.


Semi-essential amino acid and protein building-block - Essential for blood flow regulation, cellular comunication/function.

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